Hello! I'm Fiona, a product designer who's currently completing a Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. After realizing that business was not for me, I stumbled across digital product design and instantly fell in love. Since then, I've completed internships at Facebook and Microsoft.

I'm passionate about understanding why things are the way they are—I love learning about people, mental models, cultures and the systems we live in. My mission as a designer is to use my understanding of the world to make products that help and empower people. This means creating responsibly, advocating for the right people and thinking through the ethical consequences of the things we build.

When I'm not people-watching at cafes, you can find me wolfing down bowls of ice cream or running along bodies of water.


Summer 2019
Facebook Search
Product Design Intern
Summer 2018
Facebook Targeting
Product Design Intern
Fall 2017
Microsoft OneNote
Product Design Intern
Summer 2017
Microsoft Garage
Product Design Intern


$5000 – IoT Award at Dempsey Startup Competition
1st Place – Innovation on Board
1st Place – Battle of the Ads x Hootsuite
3rd Place – Accenture IoT Hackathon
Microsoft Hackathon Executive Challenge Winner
1st Place – Battle of the Ads x Arc'teryx
1st Place – ProtoHack Hackathon
$2500 – Junior Achievement BC Oratory Award


2015 to 2019
University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Commerce